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I made an article that’s feature in Travelista. If you’re interested in visiting the Philippines anytime soon, or is looking for a wonderful island to explore this summer. I highly recommend reading this article:


This will be your guide in exploring the beautiful island. To know what to do, where to go and what to expect most. If you have any questions, you can just message me up at japagana@yahoo.com


How I plan on travelling the world thru coffee?

Quite a question you’d ask, and definitely an interesting goal to have. You see, when I plan my travels one thing that’s always included in my agenda is to try their coffee shops. Though domestically it’s been a challenge and something I haven’t keep up much since basically when I travel around the Philippines the goal is to see as many island as possible cause 7,000++ islands is no joke. But outside my country, that’s a different story. So far to the countries I’ve travelled, I went to at least one cute third wave coffee shop or went to a really unique or known Starbucks.


When I went to Singapore in 2015, the Central Perk ain’t open yet so as a Toby’s Estate lover myself, and knowing they had a store in Singapore I had to try it there and see if it made any difference. Well, it does. Though their flat white is gold as always, but theirs is a little stronger that the one in Manila. Smooth, and definitely iced on a humid weather in Singapore. I like their interiors though.


This coffee shop is a neighbor to the place we stayed in Bangkok. It’s a beautiful and cozy place with the loveliest of caramel overload in their pastry and coffee. It’s called Fill in the Blank around the area of Ekkamai Station. The place is very lovely and I love their iced caramel latte. It’s so good! Again, you go iced on tropical places like Bangkok because it will somehow ease the weather. The coffee is good, nothing too strong but not overwhelmingly sweet as well. The caramel bar is really good. Moist, chewy and very caramel indeed. There’s another neighborhood café beside this one, but we failed to give that one a try.


Now Seoul is a different story. Been here twice, and I never run out of coffee shop to visit. I JUST NEVER RAN OUT. For the past two years that I visited this beautiful country, there’s just something new at every corner. Almost too literal to be honest. I’m still thinking if I should share everything but for now let me share some of them.


This one can be found in Hongik University, quite away from the noise of the crowd and the busy street of students and restaurants is where this shop lies. The place is cute and the baristas are good looking. I had to try their flat white of course, and theirs is a little strong but velvety.


Is a coffee shop I get to know through a variety show of Infinite. This one’s right at the now famous,  Common Ground around Konkuk University. It’s an interesting place that’s well known to locals especially college students. Like most Korean coffee shops, they only have two staffs and runs a small business but manages it well. We tried their Iced Vanilla Latte here and it’s divine. By the way, Vanilla Latte is Korea’s sweet drink. Definitely one of the best coffee there is. It’s my sweet alternative when I had too much bitterness from their favorite Americano. It has the perfect blend of sweetness and bitterness. No need to add sugar, you can have it as is. Plus the cheese bites we had, it’s a great combination.


This is an international favorite especially for the people of California who’s basically the home of the best cruffin. But of course, when you’re in South Korea you have to have their vanilla latte on the menu and it’s divine. Again, I am in love and very bias about their vanilla latte because it tastes similar across stores. Not sure how they do that but they just do. All their pastries looks delicious and I tried their pumpkin cream cruffin which is a limited edition since it’s almost Halloween that time. The filling is creamy with a sweet pumpkin flavor. Very natural if you’d ask me, and crunchy and flaky texture of the cruffin.

When I went back to Seoul last year, we discovered a great neighborhood with the up and coming coffee and pastry shops which I’d have a separate blog about because you’d want that in your itinerary if you’re looking for coffee.


If you’re going to visit Kyoto and it’s a must to visit Arashiyama Bamboo. Then you’d also know for sure that %Arabica Kyoto is as famous as the bamboos are in Arashiyama. Believe me, it’s just a true gem in that area. The place is very classic, and old age Japan but at the corner you will find this small coffee shop with long lines. It will immediately catch your attention. The coffee is superb! Their latte is really smooth, and with one shot of liquid sugar you’ve got coffee ready to fill you up as you roam around Arashiyama.


Regarded as one of the unique Starbucks in Japan, found at Dazaifu in Fukuoka. The place had definitely become a tourist attraction and the staffs are well verse in English. You can catch Starbucks regular drinks here, or Japan’s featured beverages. And the best part is they have different pastries here than most Starbucks’ branches so this is quite sought after.

I still have quite a number of cafe to share with you, but maybe until next time.

A little something about me

Finally! A blog of my own in my own domain. I never thought I’d push this but I did. Ta-da! Here it is. So welcome to my little world of adventures. I’ll share with you some of my travels in my own country; the Philippines and as I try to explore Asia or hopefully, go  beyond our Asian borders. Hope you’ll find my page helpful and will inspire you to have your own travel journey.